CIO / CTO / VP Software Development / Product Development

Technology leader focused on development and deployment of cutting-edge software products that optimize performance and achieve a high degree of market penetration. Hands-on, motivational leader who builds strong cohesive teams to deliver remarkable results. Spearheaded launch of 11 major versions of four products generating over $300 million in revenue. In-depth knowledge of SDLC including Agile processes, project management, enterprise architecture analysis and design, programming, and strategic systems planning.


Drive bottom-line performance improvement in business operations by focusing on:

Team Building - Sourcing and allocating the best people for the needs of the organization, aligning them with the objectives of the department, and empowering them to achieve great results.

Planning - Identifying the company's vision and objectives and translating these into tactical plans that maximize the company's ROI.

Transformational / Change Agent who drives positive change with effective communication and an ability to establish rapport across multiple cultures, organizational levels and functional areas. Leadership philosophy promotes employee participation in problem-solving, contributing to organizational success.

Process Improvement - Implementing efficient, technology-based process solutions to increase the value of individual and team contributions, developing people to leverage those contributions across the organization.

Performance Improvement - Applying metrics to continuously review plans, people, and processes assuring the organization never stagnates, but achieves the highest level of output at the lowest marginal cost.

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